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Student Grant-in-Aid

These grants-in-aid are to enable student members of the NZMS to attend the conference.
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Eligibility criteria:
(a) Applicants must have been members of the NZMS for at least six months prior to the start of the conference and must be presenting a paper (either oral or poster) at the conference, and be a New Zealand university-registered Honours, Masters or PhD student.

(b) Priority will be given to applicants in their second or third year of postgraduate study and those who have not previously received assistance from the NZMS.

(c) Only students primarily based outside of the region (but still within NZ) in which the annual conference is being held will be considered for these grants.

Student Poster Presentation Competition


The poster competition is open to any student member of the NZMS. To be included in the competition, students will need to have indicated their wish to enter the competition when submitting their abstracts. Students can only enter either the poster presentation competition or the oral presentation competition at any particular NZMS conference Posters will be judged on the quality of the research presented and the student’s ability to present the information in a logical and clear manner. A clear statement of hypothesis, appropriate selection of data, support for conclusions and visual impact will all be taken into account. Students should be prepared to answer questions on the material they present. The 1st placed student poster presenter will receive $ 200, the 2nd placed presenter will receive $150 and the 3rd placed will receive $100. Additional prizes may be allocated for student presentations depending on the availability of sponsorship.



Student Oral Presentation Competition

The Oral Presentation competition is open to any New Zealand university-registered Honours, Masters or PhD student who has been a member of the NZMS for at least 6 months prior to the start of the NZMS annual conference.

The aim of this competition is to provide student members of the New Zealand Microbiological Society (NZMS) an opportunity to present their work to a scientific audience at the NZMS Annual Conference and compete for a prize that will allow them to travel to the USA and attend the next American Society for Microbiology (ASM) conference following the NZMS Annual Conference.
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